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August is Wildflower Time

Dear Art Appreciators and Collectors,

For the past five years, I've been planting fields of perennial wildflowers every spring. August is when they reach their peak beauty. Bursting with color, you can see the pinks and whites of Echinacea, the blues of Bachelor Buttons, the oranges of Coreopsis, the magenta of Cosmos, and the yellows of Black Eyed Susans. These flowers offer pollen, nectar, and shelter for various species, including Monarch Butterflies and native bees. They not only uplift our mood but also enrich our souls. It's an age-old source of inspiration that never fails.

In today's blog, I celebrate this time of year by highlighting my paintings of flowers and fields. I see no better way to stave off the impending end to summer than with images of August flower fields. Consider how these paintings can transform your room. All these paintings are available for direct purchase on my website.

Full Immersion:

I enjoy setting up my easel in a field and painting directly inspired by the views around me.

In these two paintings, you can see how flowers and colors cluster and concentrate in different parts of the field.

Capturing Special Moments:

At sunset, looking out over the fields, some extraordinary skies appear. I captured this flaming sky above the cornflowers and distant wild grasses before the sun dropped behind the mountain horizon. It seems unreal, but I assure you it was real.

Back in the Studio:

I cut several varieties of these richly colored Echinacea and Blue Sage for this Bouquet arrangement and put them in a small purple glass vase. I enjoyed painting the textures and tones in this composition.

Stay tuned for more paintings as the month goes on.

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