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  • Packing and timing
    Once a transaction is confirmed on the store, preparation and packing begin. Original artwork is packed in a clear plastic envelope with acid free glycine paper protecting the painting surface. All is enclosed in a mailing envelope with a rigid support to prevent bending. Original work will leave the studio within 7 days, but shipping time depends on carrier and distance.
  • Documents and shipping
    Original artworks are shipped with a bill of sale document (similar to a car title). This document should always be kept with the work. If you sell or give this art to someone else, add the new owner information to the bill of sale and pass it on with the artwork. This establishes a provenance, (origin) and will be key if the work is ever appraised. These are the shipping options available: FREE shipping anywhere in the US Priority Mail International for all international orders under $700, calculated at checkout FREE International shipping for orders over $700
  • Care of the work
    You have purchased an unframed artwork painted in Watercolor on Arches paper. To preserve your investment please be sure to have the work framed using nonacid or archival mats. The artwork should not touch the glass or plexiglass after framing. To preserve the colors please hang the work in your home out of direct sunlight. If you do not wish to place the work out of direct sunlight, consider using museum grade glass or plexiglass with a special UV protection.
  • What is the return and refund policy?
    To initialize a return you must contact me within two weeks of receipt of work and I will forward shipping information. Return shipping costs are provided by Pamela Paints. For a refund all returns must be sent in the same condition as they were received, packed in their original packaging, within 30 days of the initial sale.
  • Copyright
    When you purchase an artwork you are not also purchasing the copyright. If you wish to purchase licensing rights, please contact me here.
Pamela Casper painting outside

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