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Newsletter - Exhibitions and travels of the past two years: 2021- 2022

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Dear Subscribers, I am happy to report that in spite of the difficulties imposed upon us all by the pandemic these past two years, I have continued to paint and exhibit my artwork and in this last year, I have been able to travel. My solo show Emerging to a Brighter World opened at the Wisner House in spring 2021, in the Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit NJ. The show extended through the summer into the November of 2021. I exhibited a survey of 12 years of my work, including the Plein air paintings which you know well on this website.

Wisner House Gallery at Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Summit NJ

I also exhibited my collection of imagined landscape paintings on the subject of the environment and my wire sculptures which deal with issues of extinction. All these works can be seen on my portfolio website. Here are articles were written about my show.

I was very honored to have been asked by Reeves-Reed Arboretum to give an artist talk and a Plein Air painting Demonstration during the summer of 2021. Here are some pictures of the exhibition rooms and the painting demonstration.

Plein air painting demonstration

Artist talk at the Wisner House Galleries

Exhibitions of November 2021 and May 2022:

In November 2021 I exhibited in the group show Causality, at the Atlantic Gallery, curated by Kim Power. The other participating artists are part of my Brooklyn Critique group. We connect to find community and feedback on the progress of our work and we joined together to create this show of our artwork. The painting I exhibited, Entangled , Oil on canvas H 30" x W 40", explores, using vivid color, the unseen spaces underground between roots and other organisms.

Atlantic Gallery

Exhibition May 2022

Fragile Rainbow: Traversing Habitats - Williamsburg Art and Historical Center

I am a member of Ecoartspace, an organization of artists and scientists, and other professionals addressing environmental issues. This exhibition was curated by member Sue Spade. It presented New York City region member artists, whose works evoke the interconnections and contributions we have with our land and even to our urban settings. My painting Forest Spectacle, Oil on Canvas H 60" x W 40", is a celebration of forest life processes, both underground and above ground, between tree roots, fungus, animals, and microscopic organisms. There is a wonderful review of this show here.

Voyage to Paris, France 2022

One of my long-time desires as a Plein air painter has been to visit the home of Claude Monet in Giverny, France. I fulfilled that dream this past May on a trip to Paris and southern France. I can't even express the feeling of pure joy I felt in seeing this home that Monet created, in person. It is indeed a painter's dream. I will share with you in this blog some of the photos I took of his gardens and studio. Here I am on the steps of Monet's fabulous house and on the famous little Japanese bridge which spans the equally famous waters where Monet's water lillies grow.

Monet created these canals to cultivate reflections of light and sky. This was a theme that filled his works, especially toward the end of his life when he painted very large and from close up his imagery approached abstraction. The forms of the water lilies painted with loose brush strokes, floating on the reflective water surface, created an interesting perceptual interplay. These works below are from the Orangerie Museum in Paris which houses his immense Nymphéas canvases.

Monet rejoiced in his gardens by combining flowers of different forms and colors. He said that his gardens were 'his most beautiful work of art. Monet designed his house so that he could view of his flower gardens from his studio and from his bedroom.

A Kir Royal, (champagne and Cassis syrup) to toast Claude Monet and Plein air painting.

Don't forget to look for the new category called Fly Fishing Rivers and the new work I recently posted on this site

I wish you all a great summer ahead.

Kind regards,

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